Athens Games Festival

Digital October
2017-10-28 11:00 - 2017-10-29 18:00
Helexpo Maroussi exhibition centre - Helexpo - Maroussi Leof. Kifisias 39, Marousi 151 23
Athens, Greece
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 Athens Games Festival is an international event dedicated to the support and the promotion games and digital culture in Greece. Bringing together game industry professionals, game developers, artists, gamers and gaming enthusiasts, Athens Games Festival's goal is to create an exciting, innovative environment for everybody who is interested in games.

The Festival is organized by the General Secretariat for Media and Communication, Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media along with the White Nights Conference (

Athens Games Festival will feature a big developer exhibition (80 booths, in a spacious conference hall) where teams from Greece and abroad will present their games in order to find publishers and investors, to receive support from platforms, and to gather feedback.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures held by representatives of international companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, King, Virtual Arts, myTarget others. In addition, an exclusive session will be held by iOS representatives. Networking events, such as the Pitch and Match Platform and the Athens Games Festival Party, will allow the participants to discover new business opportunities, to get feedback for their project and of course, to have fun!  A full program of the Festival is to be announced soon.

What is more, Nordic Game will organize the Athens Qualifying Round for Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC). NGDC is taking place in more than 10 conferences across Europe and in October it will be held in Athens! Nordic Game are partnering with regional, professional games conferences across Europe throughout the year in order to discover the most promising games with the best potential for becoming global hits. Winners will go on to pitch at the Grand Finale taking place at Nordic Game’s 14th edition in May 2018, where they will unveil the NGDC Game of the Year!

In October 2017, Athens will stand for games, fun and business!

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